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Firewall We are walled up under ZoneAlarm Pro so your privacy is assured. We also do not accept unauthorised attachments of any kind. Permission is always required prior to sending us any unauthorised mailings.

Email We use McAfee & our servers are updated 24 Hours a day so security is guaranteed. Should you receive any unwanted emails from us or purporting to be from us use our feedback facility to report such intrusions. Your privacy & right to accept any mailings is respected here.

Spam We do not use nor encourage Spamming as a method for selling our products or promoting ourselves. We expressedly disagree with such methodology & have no need to add to our customer base with such methods. None of our products ever carry any underhand products or parasites of any kind from ourselves or on behalf of any one else.

Bandwidth Our site is corporate in nature & designed for BroadBand & above. If your internet connection is of a lower quality then this, you will experience speed problems when browsing us.

Site Development All development of this site was carried in-house using DreamWeaver MX Products & no outside agency is involved in it's creation. Copyright exists & is claimed on all material displayed on this web site & the copy of any such material expressly forbidden unless used with our written consent.