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Referral Commissions We will pay you referral commission of 20% on all SyBear Associates Ltd Service sales to third parties. Referral commissions to you will be based on the revenue earned from the third party. For a sale to generate a referral commission, the customer must purchase the product using our online ordering system & remit full payment to us. We will not pay referral commissions resulting from any "spamming" or bulk emailing by you with exception of email to your customer or confidential prospect base

Earning of Referral Commissions Only customers referred to us through our referrals page may count towards the earning of referral commissions. Customers referred to us by you through word of mouth or by an improperly configured link on any web site are not eligible referrals & will not count towards your calculated referral commissions.

Terms for Qualified Referrals In order for a purchase to qualify for referral commissions, the following conditions must be met:
A valid contract signed between all parties included within the sales agreement & all payments for the purchase have been received.
90 days have passed from the date of purchase & no items of the purchase have been returned.

Policies & Pricing Customers who buy SyBear Associates Ltd Services through this Partner Program will be deemed to be customers of SyBear Associates Ltd. Accordingly, all of SyBear Associates Ltd policies & operating procedures concerning customer orders, customer service & sales will apply to those customers. We may change our policies & operating procedures at any time. For example, we will determine the prices to be charged for products sold under this Partner Program in accordance with our own pricing policies. Prices & availability may vary from time to time.